Donor P445 Sells Tuesday, May 16th

Every year we dig deep into our program to bring our best to The Exchange Sale. This year is no different as it is hard to part with a donor ewe, especially one who has bred state champions year after year. P445 is a Hot Mess daughter back on a Gunsmoke retired show ewe. In P445’s first lamb crop, she hit it out of the park with a Unicorn sired wether named “Buddy” who won multiple jackpots throughout Oklahoma and eventually went on to be named Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2021 Oklahoma Youth Expo for Colt Randall. In her second lamb crop, she spit out a Gorilla sired keeper ewe lamb. When she hit the ground, we knew she wasn’t leaving Elk City and that P445 was going straight to our flush program. In 2022, we flushed her back to Unicorn and bred her naturally to Gorilla. Again, her Unicorn flush produced another OYE champion but this time in the ewe ring with the Grand Champion Commercial Ewe at the 2023 Oklahoma Youth Expo for Brody Scroggins. Her natural Gorilla ewe lamb was killer again, so we decided to keep her and sold her twin wether to Revous. 

As a bonus to P445 donor selling, we will include a straw of Unicorn semen to try and replicate for her future buyer the Grand Wether & Ewe at OYE. Some may scratch their heads, wondering why we would sell such a female? Honestly, we might be too, but we promise to bring our best to The Exchange Sale – so here she is!