When you build a new lambing barn and you can’t tell come lambing season because every barn on the property is full… it’s time to sell some ewes! We have decided to offer up 50+ mature ewes that have been valuable assets to our flock. Several of these have been past champions themselves and many have a proven production track record. Delivery options available nation wide immediately after sale or….
As an added bonus, we are offering a breeding option for an additional $400 per ewe:
* Ai your ewe at our August ai to any of of our services sires:
– MATURE RAMS: Ray Charles, Father Figure, Making Waves, Mythical, Unicorn, Frog, America, Golden Monkey
– BUCK LAMBS (depending on fertility): Big Pookie, Feather, Kraken, Short Bus, Navajo, 2.0, Limited Edition
* Ewes will be live covered for 1 cycle after the ai.
* Ewes must be picked up by Sept 10.
Tuesday, June 27th on SC is the place to be! Click to view Videos and pictures: